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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wedding Ceremony at Teratai Homestay - 13th March 2011

Happy Wedding Day!!!

Give me the "Angpow" or  I would not Open your car Door. The Ceremony Lady said open door and then only take the "Angpow" mah.

The Bridegroom's friends have to do many things before allowed to enter.
Teratai Homestay would like to Congratulate Mr Lai. The Wedding was held at Teratai Homestay on 13th March 2011. It was a Very Happy Occassion for him. Teratai Homestay was the venue for his "Chuk Mein" Ceremony.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vista Impiana Homestay - Taman Bukit Serdang, Serdang Raya

Living Room and Dinning Area

Dinning Table

Queen Size Bed

Double Decker Bed

Fragance Oil Burner

The Children pool is circular and Main Pool is Rectangular in shape.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Homestay at Vista Impiana, near Bukit Jalil, The Mines, South City Plaza, Astro HQ and Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel

Teratai Homestay located in Vista Impiana, Bukit Serdang is an Apartment with condo facilities. The facilities includes swimming pool, children pool, children playground, badminton court, Tennis court, Club House, Sauna, Gym and Makan Shops. The shops are barber shop, Mamak Shop, Dobi shop and sundry shop.
Located 15 mins nearby is The Mines Shopping Mall where you can shop for items like clothes, shoes, bags, souviners, fast food chain, cafes, restaurants, electronic goods, watches, mobile phones, computers and laptops.

Here we have a Canal which runs through the Shopping Mall and into the Mines Wonderland. You can take your picture against the Canal at the back completed with small ferry boats. You can take a ferry ride here at the shopping Mall's Ground Floor Level.
The Picture on the left showing the rows of shops facing the Canal which runs through the Mall. There are ferries rides which are very popular with the children and tourist alike. The boat ride takes you through the Mall and outside to a lake, which was previously a mining pool. The boat makes a U turn at the lake and goes to the Mines Wonderland and back to the Shopping Mall again. Hold tight as the boats speeds up and you can feel the rushing of the winds. There are
also the ocacassional splashing of water. You are safe as Life jackets are provided. So far there has not been any accidents involving the ferry boats.
The Mines WonderLand is also about 15 mins from Teratai Homestay at Vista Impiana, Bukit Serdang (Serdang Raya Area). It is better to vist the Mines WonderLand at night as it is not so hot and you can enjoy the Lights and Colourful Features. There is also a Snow House where you can experience the cold weather of snowland and where the temperature is freezing cold.
South City Plaza is also located about 10 mins from the Homestay. Here you can shop for clothings, bags, shoes and also some sourvenier from china. Chinese painting and ceramic wares from China are also available here. However, the South City Plaza is not as popular as The Mines Shopping Mall. However, there are alot of cafes and restaurants which are located at the shop lots just next to the Plaza.
The Bukit Jalil National stadium is located about 15 mins from Teratai Homestay at Vista Impiana, Bukit Serdang. Here Football matches, Concerts, Fun Fair, Trade Exposition, Games and Competitions are held on a regular basis. The Express Bus station has been housed here on a temporary basis. The Sports School and Technology Park is also located within the Bukit Jalil area. The area is serviced by the Star LRT or electric rapid transport system. Here we have two stations namely Bukit Jalil station and the Seri Petaling Station. The Seri Petaling station is the last

 station of the Star LRT System. However, there is a future Plan to extend the line from here till Puchong and connect back to Subany Jaya area. These are still at planning stage.

Located here is the Bukit Jalil National Swimming Complex where the swimming and aquatic competitions are held. The complex was built for the Common Wealth Games which was held here.
Located also about 15 mins from Teratai Homestay - Vista Impiana, Bukit Serdang is the Equestrian Park of Kuala Lumpur and also the Horse Racing Course. During sundays and saturdays the place is parked on Horse Racing Days. At the Equestrian Park you can sign up to attend a Horse Riding Programme. Many Equestrian Jumping Competition has been held here including international competitions.

The Astro Head Office is also located nearby within this locality. You will not miss the Building which is located along the Sungei Besi-Puchong Highway and a short distance from the Sungei Besi Toll on the Sungei Besi and Seremban Highway.

If you need a Homestay or Place to stay, just sms or call EB Ong at 0162723833.

Monday, October 11, 2010

How to go to Vista Impiana Apartment, Taman Bukit Serdang

If you are travelling from KL towards the seremban toll. Please keep LEFT and turn towards the
STC Equestrian Sport Centre (Race Horse )Round About and take 3 o'clock direction. Look out for the Left Turning into Taman Perindustrian Bukit Serdang(Opposite of Astro HQ)

Follow the road straight and turn Right as the road curves(Hawkwe Centre).Pass Horse City Shoplot. Proceed to cross road junction and Turn Right and uphill into Jalan Kasturi . Then look for Jalan Cemara on top of the Hill, after passing BS9 and BS10 signboard. Jalan Cemara Junction has a Blue/White  Vista Serdang Apartment and another Orange Apartment. Turn Right into Jalan Cemara and take the 1st Right in to Vista Impiana.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Teratai Homestay Kuala Lumpur, Homestay in Kuala Lumpur - Vista Impiana, Taman Bukit Serdang, Seri Kembangan.

Homestay in Kuala Lumpur ? Teratai Homestay - Just like Home is located at Vista Impiana, Taman Bukit Serdang, Seri Kembangan. It is an Apartment with Guards, Shops within the compound, garden, Playground, swimming pool, gymnisium, club house and badminton court.

The place is near to Astro Head Office, South City Plaza, Mines Shopping Centre, Mines Wonderland, Universiti Putra, Seri Kembangan Town, Sungei Besi - Seremban Highway Toll, Balakong, Bukit Jalil and Teknology Park Malaysia.

The apartment is located on top of a hill named Bukit Serdang. From the top floor of the building you can have a nice view of Kula Lumpur. You can even see the Petronas Twin Towers and the Telcom Building in Bangsar.(towards the Left of Petronas Twin Towers, but not in the picture)

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